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Thank you to everyone who voted or commented on this topic. The engagement was overwhelming with a large majority voting that they would ride a bus service if one was offered. We also noted that the effects of more large vehicles on our narrow roads could be a concern for residents and will ensure this is communicated to Auckland Transport. The Stillwater Community Association have moved forward on behalf of residents and are in talks now with the Local Board and Auckland Transport. It should be noted that both the Local Board and Auckland Transport have moved extremely quickly in these early stages of the process which we greatly appreciate.


A request was made by the community for Council to install a basketball half-court in Stillwater Park, near the Community Hall. We are pleased to say that this has now been approved with initial works underway. The location chosen requires pruning of a tree and council are moving to attain permits for this. Although no timeline has been provided, we hope to see its completion in time for summer.


The Association has been informed that the dirt track next to Stillwater Park which is on private property, is to be sealed as part of the Weiti Station Development. It is intended to be a private accessway for Weiti Station residents to launch their boats in Stillwater. Public access will be granted in emergency situations. This road will provide walking and cycle access to public sporting and recreational areas planned for in the development.

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