Stillwater Reserve Project

At the 2015 Annual General Meeting of the SRRA, Mary Gallagher gave a Powerpoint presentation of a new project aimed at enhancing the Stillwater Walkway area. Move between the slides by clicking on the small white squares at the bottom of the slides, or clicking on the arrow heads at the left and right hand ends of the slide.

Planting guides for Auckland estuaries

The following guides are available from the Auckland City Council website:

Guideline Summary

This Guideline and the Planting Guide are practical manuals for use by landowners, developers, organisations and community groups who have decided or are required to retain, enhance or restore a riparian zone or zones.The Guideline is aimed at voluntary and mandatory riparian management situations for both individual land owners and groups of land owners whether they are:


  • farmers
  • lifestyle
  • blocks
  • greenfields
  • developers
  • councils and/or others


  • private and/or company
  • land owners
  • councils and/or others

The Guideline and Planting Guide set out a process that involves:

  • clarifying land ownership and partnership issues
  • defining the problem
  • assessing existing vegetation and stream quality
  • setting resource management objectives
  • determining the width of the riparian zone
  • preparing a planting plan and selecting and obtaining the right plants
  • deciding when and how to plant
  • inspection and maintenance
  • pests, weed and animal control
  • monitoring and review of planting programme success
New Zealand groups working on environmental enhancement
Planting Project

Weiti 2015 image Thanks to all who expressed interest in forming a group for this project at the SRRA AGM . We aim to enhance Stillwater with a native bush corridor in the reserve land adjacent to the park.

Step 1. Encourage Council to take over the management of the area rather than DOC, as the Auckland Council has local knowledge, management of the Okura Bush Walkway section of the coastline, and connection to Us, the people.

Step 2.We will speak to a meeting of the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board and also liase with Weiti Land Development Ltd. re planting project.